School Cultural Activities


May the Krishna flute invite the melody of love into our life.


Shivjayanti is the festival of Maharashtra. This festival is also encouraged here.


Farmers Festival !                                                                                .


Let's celebrate a pollution free Diwali !                                      .


Celebrates traditional events like Dindi to gets The Knowledge of our tradition to students.


Be jolly and make good cheer for Xmas !                                .

Gudhi Padawa

The Maharastrian New Year Festival !                                   .

Gauri Ganapati

May the blessings of Lord Ganesh and Parvati be with you !

Farmer's Day

Without farmers, no country can progress.

School Social Activities

Tree Plantation

Students take Interest in tree plantation to decrease the pollution and soil erosion.                                      .

Republic Day

Freedom is never dear at any price It is the breath of life !                                                                  .

Science Day

The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow                                                                                .

Cleanliness Drive

A Clean place is a safe place                                      .

Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress Competition "Unity is strength" shows.

Dance Competition

Never miss a chance to dance !                                .

Singing Competition

Life is a song Sing it !                                                   .

Prize Distribution

Keep your eyes on the prize And don't turn back.                          .


In school sports, now karate is also Included and given much emphasis.

Horse Riding

A winner never stop trying.                                          .

Health & Hygiene

Take care of your body It's the only place you have to live in.

Yoga Day

Yoga is the Practice that originated in India but is practised widely throughout!

Doctor's Day

When you treat a disease, first treat the mind.

Kushi Day

Agriculture is the most healthful work to do.

State leave abacus competition

State leave abacus competition

Carrom competition

Focus expands your knowledge. It helps you become more productive at work. It helps you achieve your goals. Focus helps you become successful faster.