Welcome to Ajay International School

Ajay International School started its journey in 2017. We promise to build an educational environment that produces self-motivated learners and responsible citizens. Our efforts will focus on providing as many educational experiences as possible to help children maximize their opportunities. We will ensure that children have an individual work program that educates them at their level. We will do our best to ensure that every child gets a head start in life. The CBSE curriculum enriches the learners further by developing creative thinking and problem-solving techniques while applying knowledge, understanding and skills. The curriculum offers flexibility in learning by offering wide range of abilities across a myriad of subject choices. The education journey is thus designed to achieve holistic development of a child in terms of moral, social, emotional, physical growth, cognitive abilities and intellectual progress. We aim to develop confident, active and involved young children with a vision for a positive future and initiative to make a difference. Thus Ajay International School provides a range of opportunities to foster a keen desire for learning,confidence to achieve one's personal best and increase one's perspective and experience as a citizen of the world.

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